Penelope Kokkinides a graduate of Binghamton University, she graduated with a degree in biological sciences as well as classical languages. Penelope later advanced her education and enrolled for a masters degree in social work from New York University. This was not the final step for Kokkinides as she took up a second masters degree at Columbia University where she pursued public health.

Penelope’s strong educational background has played a key part in her success as a leader and an entrepreneur. She serves as the Chief Administrative Officer at Innovacare Inc, Penelope has worked in the medical industry for almost two decades now, her contribution in the health sector has been significant as she influences change in her workplace. She also has vast knowledge and skills that help remain at the top in her career.

Apart from her skills some of the habits that have enabled Penelope to stay at the top include;

Planning, before resting after a long day Penelope ensures she plans activities the next day this habit has helped her over the years since she can prioritize the important things.

Another habit that has Penelope Kokkinides practices is teamwork, she is busy, and for her ideas to become a reality, Penelope has discovered that working closely with her team ensures that her ideas are implemented to better the health sector.

One of Penelope’s great milestone was an invitation to the statehouse where she received an opportunity to meet the president Donald Trump. She was one among seven women who got the opportunity to discuss health issues and some of the things that could be implemented to ensure that people all over the country gain access to health care services.

One of the things Penelope Kokkinides suggested was the increase of funds allocated to medical care, in 2011 funding was cut, and this was not a good move for Puerto Rico. According to Penelope fixing cuts that would not affect the medical sector negatively is a good move but it is also important to consider this cuts since reductions on the finance in Puerto Rico would lead to people migrating to the United States.

Soon after the meeting, the president Donald Trump released a notice that had included changes in Puerto Rico health system. Puerto Rico residents will now be able to access a better health care services in their surroundings. All thanks to Penelope Kokkinides strong will and voice to make a difference in the society.


Not everyone knows how to invest like a hedge fund giant. In fact, hedge fund investing and regular investing are different in several ways. Typical investors constantly read news articles about investing, and they listen to successful investors who take risks on new startups and hit investment gold. Shervin Pishevar is one of those investors. Mr. Pishevar is the co-founder of Investment company, but he is also one of the first investors in Uber and Hyperloop One. So when Shervin Pishevar has something to say about investing, he usually attracts a large audience. Shervin recent tweet storm proved he still has what it takes to rattle the halls of the investment world. His 21-hour, 50 tweet escapade raised a lot of investor’s eyebrows. Investors know there’s always the risk the bottom could fall out of the stock market in the blink of an eye, and Shervin Pishevar confirmed that fact in one of his tweets. Shervin said the stock market is headed for a 6,000-point adjustment.

The stock market tweet was just an appetizer for the people who followed Pishevar. Shervin tore the economic future apart one tweet at a time. Shervin believes the bond market is not going to be a safe haven for investors when the market does crash. And he said Bitcoins are going to crash before the cryptocurrency rebounds. And Shervin Pishevar’s tweet about Silicon Valley losing its position as the startup capital of the world really got people’s attention.

Shervin Pishevar thinks Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple are big enough to operate like countries. Pishevar thinks those giants are making life difficult for new startups so that tweet is creating quite a buzz in the investment world as well. Shervin Pishevar didn’t hold back when he used Trump’s favorite way to communicate. No one is sure why he decided to let his frustrations out at this point in time, but some investors are happy he did. In spite of the gloom and doom in the Pishevar tweets, there are some bright spots, according to people who follow Shervin’s every move. He’s back in the fortune-telling game again, and he’s telling people how to play the game in true Pishevar fashion.

Lawrence Bender is an Academy Award winning film producer. He has worked on films starring John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Matt Damon, and more. In total, Lawrence Bender has been considered for 29 prestigious awards.

Bender graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in civil engineering, but found success in the film industry instead. During his time in college, he developed a passion for dance, but his career was cut short by an injury. This happened before Bender entered the world of film. His first job was as a set worker on a television show; Bender’s first film production didn’t come until 1989.

Lawrence Bender’s first major success was Reservoir Dogs, a classic film in the crime genre, which also jump started the career of its director Quentin Tarantino.

Reservoir Dogs is about a robbery gone wrong. The movie begins with the team, many of them unfamiliar with each other, being introduced to each other and the heist plan. When the actual heist begins it goes unusually wrong. When what is rest of the team gets back together they come up with the idea that the police previously knew about the height.

The character played by Tim Roth, who gives one of his most amazing performance in the film, is actually an undercover cop that has been recruited on the team. He is shot during the getaway and spends the majority of the movie bleeding to death, coming in and out of consciousness.

Tim Roth’s character stays alive for most of the movie, witnessing everything that goes down until the final moment, which is a Mexican stand-off between the remaining crew and their employer.

Since this film, Lawrence Bender has worked with Tarantino on nearly a dozen other occasions. The two even created their own production company together, A Band A Part. Together, with this company, Quentin Tarantino and Lawrence Bender produced an incredible catalog of films.

SoftBank Group Corp announced that the $3.3 billion purchase of Fortress Investment Group has been finalized. The ongoing negotiations between the two business entities had been previously disclosed to the public and not that the agreement is completed SBG now owns all shares in Fortress that remain outstanding.Fortress will maintain its headquarters in New York City and operate independently under the SoftBank umbrella. The operations of Fortress will continue to be lead by principals Wes Edens, Pete Briger, and Randy Nardone. SoftBank for its part is committed to keeping the elements in place that have been responsible for the success of Fortress Investment Group to this date.Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by Wesley Edens, businessman Rob Kauffman, and Randal A Nardone and begin operations exclusively as a private equity firm. Fortress soon expanded its areas of operations to include investments in real estate, hedge funds, as well as debt securities. The company continued to grow and became the first large-scale private equity firm in the country to be traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. Another key accomplishment for Fortress Investment Group was becoming the primary lender for Millennium Development Group in order to build the athlete’s village for the 2010 Olympic games that was built in Vancouver, Canada at a cost of $875 million. Construction of the village was completed in 2009 and ownership of the village was transferred to Fortress Investment Group following the completion of the 2010 Winter Olympics.The acquisition on the part of SoftBank is seen as the perfect opportunity for the Japanese company to penetrate United States financial markets. This move on the part of SoftBank is part of a series of moves intended to strengthen the company’s position in United States real estate and finance markets.A month before finalizing their Fortress acquisition, SoftBank invested $450 million in the real estate technology company, Compass. The deal has been heralded as the largest ever investment in real estate technology that has taken place in America. And two years ago SoftBank was a lead investor in the billion dollar round of funding for the lending startup Sofi that is based in San Francisco, California.

About SoftBank

SoftBank Group is a major player in the global technology industry and seeks to become the driving force of the Information Revolution. The SoftBank Vision Fund makes investments globally that will facilitate the next stages of development in this revolution. SoftBank’s first major close saw the company commit more than $93 billion in monetary capital.

About Fortress

Fortress Investment Group LLC. is an investment firm that has more than $36 billion in assets and maintains a highly diversified portfolio. Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 and is responsible for managing the assets for more than 1700 clients and private investing entities from around the world and across a wide range of investing industries.

Fabletics has suddenly taken over the women’s athletic wear because this fashion company offers both cheaper outfits and a unique shopping experience. You may have heard about this company if you follow actress Kate Hudson closely on Twitter, and Forbes has mentioned this side business of hers several times. What’s made this company special is that as most traditional fashion retailers start closing down to give way to online giants like Amazon, Fabletics may have the way to take on Amazon. What they’ve done is promote online purchases or viewing, but since most customers like to try on outfits before buying, Fabletics has now opened physical stores for that purpose. But this is also known as a reverse showroom since customers view online before buying in-person instead of viewing in the store before buying online.


Kate Hudson has loved what Fabletics has stood for as a brand that’s not just about giving women the latest styles in athletic wear, but about empowering them whenever they are out wearing the outfits. Fabletics is an offshoot of its parent company Techstyle Fashion Group which is headed by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Goldenberg and Ressler had already started an affordable regular line of clothing at JustFab and they wanted a brand of women’s athletic wear that was cheaper than most and was all-inclusive, but they wanted a woman to run it that could sell it well. Hudson was asked because Goldenberg and Ressler liked her personality and her enthusiasm for yoga outfits.


As those who know Kate Hudson could tell you, she only uses and sells products that she actually uses herself. She works closely with the Fabletics design team and the shipping department, and she’s always quick to post updates on social media. She’s still committed to acting first, but she’s gotten other friends around Hollywood excited about Fabletics including pop singer Demi Lovato who has also joined the team. What Fabletics emphasizes is a subscription model where members can either join the regular membership or VIP membership which awards credit for various purchases as well as for referring your friends. They also include big data to know the customer’s needs and adjust the experience accordingly. It doesn’t take long to signup for Fabletics, and they get to know you when you answer the questions on their fashion quiz. Fabletics is rising at a time when most other retailers are scaling back and may be the right company to look at in order to continue brick and mortar shopping.

Healthy eating is important to many people, but those like Nathaniel Ru who want to make sure they are getting everything they need are going to have to try harder to find the options that will work best for them.

Nathaniel Ru has always made sure he can eat the right type of food and he can do the best he can to make things easier on his own. As long as Nathaniel Ru has been able to put things into perspective for his business, he knows there are different things he can do to make healthy eating a possiblity.

Many people have similar beliefs to what Nathaniel Ru has. He knows there are different things he can try and different options he has to feel better about the business he owns.

As long as Nathaniel Ru has tried to make things better on his own, he has given people the possibility of getting the most affordable, healthy and convenient food options. Nathaniel Ru does what he can to give these options to people who want to eat healthy and people who want to try different things on their own.

As far as Sweetgreen goes, Nathaniel Ru has tried his best to give attention to the different options that will give everyone the food they need. In fact, he knew it would be hard for people to get the food and for it to be fresh so he chose to just make it fresh where he was at.

Part of what Sweetgreen stands for is to give people the freshest and best ingredients possible. Nathaniel Ru knows it will take a lot of effort to give everyone the food they need and the food they can make out of the business. Read more: Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork and Sweetgreen Founder Interview – Nathaniel Ru | Business Insider

Depending on the things that Nathaniel Ru has done with his career, he knows there are different options. He also knows that Sweetgreen will continue to grow and get better while there are different things available to those who are in the industry.

The food service industry is not generally focused on helping people get healthy options, but Nathaniel Ru certainly knows what he is doing. He knows there are different things he can try and knows there are many different options that people will be able to get from the industry.

Nathaniel Ru also knows the food industry will flourish if other companies continue on the same path that he is going because of how successful he has been.

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When our loved ones are caught on the wrong side of the law, they have to face the consequences. Despite the fact that they committed the crimes, we still love them and do not want them to suffer. For this reason, we spend every coin we have to keep them from going to jail. Some family members say that they are afraid of the bullying and the massive killings in jail. Securus Technologies has sorted these issues permanently. Family members do not have anything to worry about anymore.

Securus Technologies has come up with devices that facilitate monitoring of the inmate’s cells from the administration. Every event that happens is recorded. Any corrupted officers found doing anything legal has to face the consequences.

Inmates who have been in jail for long say that convicts killing had become a culture in the prisons. They further explain that some inmates may have committed crimes together with prominent people in the society. These people want to protect their reputation. They may be afraid of the inmate confessing about them. Killing them seems to be the perfect way of eliminating any traces of evidence.

Such crimes have been completely solved by Securus Technologies. Corrupted officers know they can’t engage in such malicious anymore because the administration will see them. The inmates who are aggressive and were always bullying other detainees have stopped as well. Anyone caught harassing others in jail faces punishment.

The users of Securus Technologies are very grateful for their high levels of innovation. Convicts say that the cells are now safe and they no longer face threats of losing their lives.

Securus Technologies has restored the meaning of the correctional facilities. The detentions are there to correct behavior and not frustrate and cause suffering to the people.

Securus Technologies is what was missing in the detentions, to make them a safe place.


Dr. David Samadi is a medical doctor who specializes in urology and oncology. One of his passions is helping men diagnosed with prostate cancer overcome the often-deadly disease. In September, which was prostate cancer awareness month, Dr. David Samadi made two big announcements. One of these was that he would be giving free consultations to any man who just got diagnosed with cancer of the prostate. This is one of the ways in which Dr. David Samadi is trying to help those afflicted with this cancer.

It is a good idea to get a second opinion from an expert says Dr. Samadi. While rare, misdiagnosis does occur. It is also a good idea to get the opinion of a range of experts who may offer different treatment options. By getting a second opinion, a patient can more confidently select a treatment option and look at all the options available to him.

In addition to offering newly diagnosed patients with a free consultation, Dr. Samadi recently launched a support group at Lenox Hill Hospital dedicated to people afflicted with prostate cancer. This is just one additional way that Dr. David Samadi is trying to increase awareness of prostate cancer. He says the disease can strike up to one in seven men. This makes it one of the leading cancers in men. These numbers should alarm men and they should be aware of the symptoms of prostate cancer says Dr. Samadi.


Dr. Samadi’s support group will be a place where men diagnosed and afflicted with prostate cancer can receive support and information on how to deal with this disease. It will also be a place where survivors of prostate cancer can share their story of how it is like to live after undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. The idea behind the support group is to create a supportive and caring environment that will help people deal with and get through prostate cancer.

Dr. David Samadi conducts surgical operations using robotic technology to eliminate prostate cancer from his patients. The world-renowned urologist has completed over 7,000 and counting successful surgeries that resulted in his patients being free from prostate cancer. His expertise in the field of oncology, urology and use of robot technology makes him a sought-after expert in the medical field.

In addition to all his work with prostate cancer, Dr. Samadi is also the host of his very own live streaming show called Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi. His weekly show features medical experts and discusses the latest trends and issues in healthcare. You can catch his shows every week on Sunday 12:30 ET on social media and on

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Presently, global environmental issues are of great concern. Although there are many pollutants, plastics have been a menace for an extended period due to their slow degradation process. However, modern entrepreneurs like Ryan Emmons of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water are promising to tackle plastics innovatively. In fact, Waiakea Water will begin packaging its water using degradable plastics next year.

According to Emmons, the concept of degradable plastics is relatively new as many companies have only tried manufacturing biodegradable plastics. However, the production of biodegradable plastics is still a challenge, and many companies have been left with the option of using degradable plastics. As Waiakea adopts degradable packaging materials, the company is proud to announce that the new materials are 100 recyclable, and they fully degrade in 15 years, unlike traditional plastics which take over 15000 years to degrade fully.

Waiakea’s new packaging materials came to life after over five years and 1,200 experiments. The degradable plastics are achieved through using a TimePlast’s additive in the manufacturing process of plastics. The additive is one of a kind as it is the only patented additive that enables nano-degradation of plastics. Furthermore, the use of the additive is not costly for companies wishing to contribute to environmental conservation efforts. Emmons explains that during manufacturing, only one pound of the additive is required to manipulate over 1000 pounds of traditional plastics. He suggests that many companies in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry can afford to acquire the additive.
Did the company have any challenges in developing degradable plastics? Emmons explains that the primary problem arose in the optimization of the chemical processes; it requires a lot of skill to develop plastic materials that are degradable, yet they have all the qualities of a good water packaging material. Another challenge related to obtaining a first and only patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). In the end, Waiakea Water emerged victoriously.

Up up and away. || @mikeborchard

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Waiakea Water was founded in 2012 to provide premium bottled water to customers across America. The company is known for its high affinity for sustainable production, environmental protection, and philanthropy.

Sleep is essential for the well-being of human beings. Lack of sleep is not recommended because it has adverse effects on your health, physical appearance, and mental acuity. The body needs at least seven to nine hours of sleep daily to remain healthy, recover from stress, and have the energy for the next day’s activities.

Today, there are numerous ways of treating sleep deprivation and other conditions like sleep apnea. Dr. Avi Weisfogel, a prominent dentist, has dedicated his life to solving sleep-related conditions via dentistry. Many people suffering from sleep apnea do not understand the condition well.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is characterized by several pauses in breathing when one is sleeping. The pauses could be anything from a few seconds up to a whole minute. People suffering from this condition sometimes wake up chocking immediately after the pause as their breathing resumes. Sleep apnea should be immediately treated because it affects the quality of one’s sleep and may result in mood swings throughout the day.

At-risk people like those who are overweight are advised to lose weight least it affects the quality of their sleep. Those already showing symptoms of the disease should seek medical attention from specialists like Dr. Avi Weisfogel.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Dr., Avi Weisfogel is a well-known dentist as well as sleep apnea specialist who operates from New Jersey. He started his dental practice, the Old Bridge Dental Care, in his hometown immediately after graduating from dental school. Over time, he has created a successful business due to numerous referrals, excellent service delivery, and dedication to all his patients.

Dr. Weisfogel went to Rutgers University where he graduated with a Biology and Psychology degree. He later enrolled at New York University. He became interested in sleep-related conditions early on in his career and specialized in sleep apnea. He was convinced that dentistry was the key to treating sleep apnea and other conditions and started researching this area.

In 2012, Dr. Weisfogel set up the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients before he later launched the famous Dental Sleep Master’s Program, which he designed. Today, the avid philanthropist splits his time between his professional work and spearheading charitable organizations.