A lot of things can be done in 24 months but thanks to Vinod Gupta and his generous donation of $1 million to Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic as part of his Advocacy to Women’s Education. The school allows women to earn postgraduate degrees in as little as 24 months. Investing money where his heart is really hit home, this polytechnic institute is located in his native town of Rampur Maniharan where it was the first of its kind. Equality in women’s perspective has not been equal to that of men in India’s past, mainly due to simple lack of opportunity.


This is where local activist (by birth) Vinod Gupta noticed a huge opportunity by donating to the above referenced but additionally devoting funds to set up a girl’s school within his hometown village providing everything from transportation to textbooks in order to ensure success for local young girls.Thanks to Gupta’s generous contributions it has helped bridge the long overdue gap in gender inequality that exists in Indian Society.

Background and Today- Born on 1946 in India, Gupta is a self-made businessman and entrepreneur that turned a $100 loan into a successful and booming company that later sold for $680 million.


Currently he serves Vinod serves as the CEO at his investment firm Everest Group, providing venture capital for database technology startups and acquires struggling businesses. Gupta takes pride by providing employment opportunities for underserved populations, as far as being complimented by former president Bill Clinton for his exceeding efforts in his companies all-inclusive hiring practices. Find Related Information Here.


Watch Vinod’s videos on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e-UzAJFxHU