Making His City Better

Charity begins at home and for billionaire entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky that starts in his city Chicago, Illinois. Chicago is a city with a long history of cultural and artistic contributions, and Lefkofsky works to uphold that legacy. He currently serves on the board of directors for the Museum of Science and Technology, the Institute of Art and Culture, and other organizations aimed at improving the culture of Chicago. Even going back to 2008 you can find examples of Lefkofsky’s influence in Chicago. He was a key leader in the movement to bring the 2016 Summer Olympics to Chicago.

Giving To The World

Lefkofsky has build a billion dollar fortune, but he still understands the importance of charity and giving back to the world. That’s why he signed the Giving Pledge, a pledge to use one’s fortune to help those in need. Originally created by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, the Giving Pledge currently has the support of dozens of billionaires.

The Work Of The Family Foundation

Much of Eric Lefkofsky’s philanthropy is centered around his charity the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Founded by himself and his wife Liz Lefkofsky, the foundation focuses on ways to improve the world by helping charities of various causes reach the funding they need. The charities they fund represent a variety of causes with everything from science to medicine receiving at least some funding from the Lefkofsky foundation. However, the greatest focus of assistance targets charities offering assistance to children. Helping those least able to help themselves is the most important thing any philanthropist can do. Beyond the foundation Lefkofsky continues to assist others even during his profitable ventures.

Taking On An The Biggest Challenge

Eric Lefkofsky has a sort of Midas Touch. Whenever he touches a startup it turns to gold automatically. Examples of this are Groupon, Lightbank, and other tech startups he has involved himself with in some manner. The latest startup Lefkofsky has founded is Tempus. Focusing on ways to improve cancer treatment, Tempus provides personalized medicine to cancer patients in a new and more analytical approach. Using Big Data analysis of important information on the biological profile of patients, Tempus is able to give each patient a treatment plan tailored specifically to their unique DNA sequence. Some patients may have a gene that prevents certain cancer drugs from having any effect, but they may also have genes that will boost the effectiveness of a certain drug combination. This personalized approach helps improve the outcome of the patients who are treated with Tempus services.


Co-working space is a shared office environment where employees from different companies work under the same roof. Co-working spaces are becoming a popular trend around the world. Traditionally, these spaces were characterized with hip freelancers. However, the culture is changing since more corporate companies are using shared office spaces.

There is an increase in establishment of co-working spaces and communities to host every niche and industry. Companies are getting into shared office spaces due to the benefits they gain from the unique style. Shared office spaces, especially those with a homogeneous group, encourage peer-to-peer learning since they host people with different levels of knowledge in their fields of specialization. By relating with co-workers from various organizations, you get the chance to expand your social and professional network. In addition, you learn new ideas or even attract new clients to your business.

Co-working spaces help you develop a deep sense of duty due to the inspiration gained from the smart professionals around you. Interacting with peers in a shared office space encourages creativity and innovations owing to the availability of numerous talents. This will make you to be more productive, which will in turn increase your income. Co-working discourages isolation and encourages a feeling of community.  Trust is a significant tool in networking since you can easily interact with new people that you meet through your friends.

Workville Co-working firm

The shared office spaces are located at 1412 Broadway. The modern facility’s membership fee starts from $500 per month for an open desk while private desks range between $750 and $1,000 monthly. Their offices are separated by glass. However, members have the option of adding a layer of film if they need more privacy. Working at Workville’s NYC shared office spaces is beneficial to the clients considering that the company owns the building. This way, they do not experience the pressure to copy what their rivals are doing. This means that clients experience better internet connection, zero broker cost and enhanced cohesion.

Malini Saba is a successful global investor and philanthropist. She is known as one of the best female investors in the world. Since she began her career journey, she has built an excellent reputation as a powerful business woman across the globe. Saba is of South-Asian origin and is the owner of Saban Capital Group, a private equity investment group.


The firm has spread its investment programs in several countries including Australia, China, India and the United States. In Australia and India, the company has investment interests in the real estate sector, in the United States, the company works with technology firms, and in China, it has its focus on oil and gas companies.


Despite her success as a business personality, many people know her as a person with great passion for giving back to the less fortunate. She has pioneered numerous humanitarian programs to help women and children in the society. In 2011, Mrs. Saba started Stree, a non-profit organization that aims at changing the roles of low-income and at-risk women and children in the society.


The organization’s inauguration ceremony was graced by the Jordan’s Queen Noor Al-Hussein and the former president Bill Clinton.


She donated $1 million to help in funding the Heart Research Center for South Asians in California. In 2014, she visited the Tsunami ravaged regions in Sri Lanka and India and pledged $10 million to the victims of the tragedy.


Malini Saba started her career journey in the 90s as a full-time venture capitalist in the Silicon Valley. Her experience in the industry enabled her to fund startups that were later sold at a fortune making her a wealthy woman in the process. Saba applied this strategy to invest in more than 18 companies including PayPal (she made a lot of money when it was bought by eBay) and Netscreen Technologies (she also made a lot of money when Jupiter Networks acquired the company).