Penelope Kokkinides a graduate of Binghamton University, she graduated with a degree in biological sciences as well as classical languages. Penelope later advanced her education and enrolled for a masters degree in social work from New York University. This was not the final step for Kokkinides as she took up a second masters degree at Columbia University where she pursued public health.

Penelope’s strong educational background has played a key part in her success as a leader and an entrepreneur. She serves as the Chief Administrative Officer at Innovacare Inc, Penelope has worked in the medical industry for almost two decades now, her contribution in the health sector has been significant as she influences change in her workplace. She also has vast knowledge and skills that help remain at the top in her career.

Apart from her skills some of the habits that have enabled Penelope to stay at the top include;

Planning, before resting after a long day Penelope ensures she plans activities the next day this habit has helped her over the years since she can prioritize the important things.

Another habit that has Penelope Kokkinides practices is teamwork, she is busy, and for her ideas to become a reality, Penelope has discovered that working closely with her team ensures that her ideas are implemented to better the health sector.

One of Penelope’s great milestone was an invitation to the statehouse where she received an opportunity to meet the president Donald Trump. She was one among seven women who got the opportunity to discuss health issues and some of the things that could be implemented to ensure that people all over the country gain access to health care services.

One of the things Penelope Kokkinides suggested was the increase of funds allocated to medical care, in 2011 funding was cut, and this was not a good move for Puerto Rico. According to Penelope fixing cuts that would not affect the medical sector negatively is a good move but it is also important to consider this cuts since reductions on the finance in Puerto Rico would lead to people migrating to the United States.

Soon after the meeting, the president Donald Trump released a notice that had included changes in Puerto Rico health system. Puerto Rico residents will now be able to access a better health care services in their surroundings. All thanks to Penelope Kokkinides strong will and voice to make a difference in the society.