Papa John’s, a pizza giant that houses 120,000 employees globally have been recently struck with a lot of criticism pouring from all over the world. The racial comments of former CEO have put the company in an awkward position. In difficult situations like these, everyone looks up to the leader to make things better. In case of Papa John, current CEO Steve Ritchie Papa John’s made a smart and an important move by apologizing to the customer base, which is the first smart step towards diffusing the situation.

He recently wrote a letter to the customers stating that he won’t be surprised if the people took an offense on the controversial comments made by the former CEO. He apologized and made it distinct that his visions and values are very different and focus on providing high-quality customer experience. In a news release, Steve Ritchie also mentioned that the company has zero tolerance for any form of racism irrespective of the context. He also emphasized that the firm is not an individual but purely depends on the hard-working employees who belong from all walks of life to provide best customer service and insanely tasty pizza. These people are dedicated to contributing to the community.

He also mentioned how actions would mean much more than words, hence he took the decision of getting an auditing team in the company to audit the workplace culture and company practices. The motive is to hold on to the strengths and identify the weaknesses which will facilitate better planning for progress.

The top management will be working hard to address issues and receive feedback from the people and franchises to set clear goals towards progress. All these processes will be carried out with a high level of transparency and Papa John is ready to take full accountability of the outcomes. Steve is confident that the company will be able to regain its trust with time. Every customer is important to them and they thanked them all for their years of loyalty to the brand. Lastly, Steve mentioned how Papa John is successful because of the people who put their trust in the pizza giant.


Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) is a household name in Hollywood, but it’s easy to forget how far he has come. Two decades ago, his name wasn’t nearly as familiar as it is today. With the rise of American Idol, the Seacrest name became more familiar. From there, he proceeded to prove he had the talent to keep America entertained.

In the 2000s, American Idol was in the spotlight. Aspiring singers would compete for a chance at fame. Ryan Seacrest served as the host of the program for every year of its original run. His success in front of the camera led to opportunities as a producer. As a producer, Ryan Seacrest would create the innovations that define reality television today. The shows he produced became some of the largest hits of the 2000s, and their impact is still felt today. Outside of TV, Seacrest hosted some radio shows. This gave him a chance to prove he was a jack of all trades, and it further elevated his status in Hollywood.

While he enjoyed his work as a producer, Ryan Seacrest enjoys the time he spends in front of the camera. His decision to try morning talk show hosting resulted in Live With Kelly And Ryan. The show marked a return to hosting, and he returned to form with ease. The show continues to receive praise for the energy he brings. It’s an example of what how he remains focused on making the most of his talent.

Ryan Seacrest has succeeded because he doesn’t waste time. He understands the importance of schedules, and he has an obsession with details. Those traits have given him longevity most people in Hollywood are unable to dream of. Most producers don’t stick around for years, and their shows don’t become hits. His plans for the future are going to bring something new for his fans, but he still wants to maintain the things that got him where he is today. He’ll continue to serve as the host of the morning talk show Live With Kelly And Ryan. However, he wants to continue to grow as a creative entrepreneur.

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National Steel Car is a producer of railroad freight cars. This is the biggest company in the world that deals with the manufacturing of these products. The company has been under the leadership of CEO Gregory Aziz since 1994. He bought this company from Dofasco, a steel company. In the period that he has been in the industry, he has created an enabling environment for National Steel Car to engage in high-level production operations. Five years after taking over the management of the National Steel Car, production has risen from 3,500 cars to 12,000cars annually.


1Gregory Aziz has a long history of helping businesses that are struggling to rise. In the 1970s after finishing his degree, he worked with a company known as Affiliated Foods. This company was a family-owned business (owned by his family). When he joined this business, it was just a wholesale business that was supplying food products in a small region in. After a decade of working with this company, Gregory Aziz had transformed it into the biggest importer and supplier of food products in North America. Most of the imports were coming from South America and Europe. Affiliated Foods became the largest supplier of fresh food products in Canada and parts of the United States.


Gregory James Aziz holds a degree in economics from the University of Western Ontario. With the knowledge he had acquired from school, he was ready to battle for opportunities in the market. He combined the skills he had learned in school with the natural abilities he had in running a business to create a combination that has made him the prominent business leader that he is.


Gregory Aziz has proved that it is possible to transform business as long as you can see the bigger picture. When he bought the National Steel Car, very few people thought that it was a good decision. National Steel Car looked destined for collapse after being in operation for nearly a century. However, for Greg Aziz, he could see something totally different. He was looking at the bigger picture and realizing that there was a huge potential that could be exploited in the rail sector.


Gregory James Aziz is a talented business person who can spot investment opportunities. He has managed to transform National Steel Car in a way that his investment has multiplied many times. National Steel Car is today an ISO certified company for producing high-quality products..


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Madison Street Capital has made a recent announcement regarding plans for an expansion to the business-friendly city of Austin, TX.




The city of Austin has a well-deserved reputation as an area that encourages businesses from around the world to make a home in this vibrant area. Austin has developed an infrastructure that can accommodate every corporate need for housing, entertainment, and it has a diverse population highly qualified to fulfill the needs of almost any business. Austin is a perfect fit for Madison Street Capital.




Madison Street Capital is planning on opening its new office sometime around the beginning of next year.




Madison Street Capital is a multi-national investment firm that has its primary focus on banking, and at the same time, this company manages every area of capital and asset management with a variety of clients around the globe. Madison Street Capital also has a mission to treat every client – regardless of size – with the same excellent customer care to professionally assist them with all their investment and financial needs.




For well over a decade, Madison Street Capital has provided their customers with a level of service that far exceeds industry standards. The world of international finance is a complex maze of an endless vortex of rules and regulations, and if investments are not handled correctly the consequences can be devastating. This is just one of many reasons why Madison Street Capital is the first choice for businesses in every corner of the globe.




To stay competitive in today’s economy, a business must have the ability to compete in the global marketplace. Madison Street Capital is on a mission to help businesses navigate the often-treacherous waters that are a critical factor in the success or failure of any business. Madison Street Capital has the experience, dedication, and knowledge to give businesses the best opportunity for success both now and in the future.



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