Todd Lubar is one among the list of successful Techpreneurs. He is a holder of speech communication degree from Syracuse University. The start of his career was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan facilitator. He got his traditional mortgage knowledge from this position. He later worked as a credit control manager at Legacy Financial Group in Texas. He made a significant role in growing Maryland office to being a production unit with an annual return of a hundred million dollars. He was later offered a position in First Magnus Financial Corporation as the vice president.

He had a passion in banking that made him start his own company Legendary Financial Company. The primary goal of this company was to provide loans to investors and individuals who were not given loans from competitive companies. The legendary financial Company has a subsidiary Legendary Property company that is involved in real estate. Todd Lubar is also in other business like he owns a company that deals with automotive scrap business. This company recycles metal and makes auto care products. He is the current president of TDL Global Ventures.

Todd Lubar ( introduces smart homes technology. It entails the control of homes by using a remote. An individual can incorporate the house using the internet of things, and installation is in one database that is controlled using a remote. As an expert in real estate, he assists people to get their dream houses and homes. Todd attributes his success to five core traits including persistence, dedication, inquisitiveness, transparency and accountability and self-assurance.

Todd Lubar in an interview on said that being organised and flexible makes one soar heights, especially in business. He employs a culture of honesty and trust in business whereby one should have a voice in any concern raised in the firm mostly in partnership. Todd is a futurist in that studies the market progress and can make future predictions. He is also a strategist who can make plans for his ventures that leads to a steady growth curve.

Todd Lubar holds other business positions. He is the senior director of Debt Defense services due to his knowledge in the credit and mortgage banking. He is, therefore, an inspiration to many future business people. Read more about on