Betsy DeVos is the current Secretary of Education under President Donald Trump. She was nominated for the position and elected primarily because of her background in the Charter School Movement and school choice issues.

DeVos feels that there is a definite place for students to have more choice in schools regardless of their location or position in life. If the facilities and opportunities are not currently there and in place, DeVos feels that they should be put there. Today, our inner cities schools are still a mess. Many children go to schools that are sub-par both in the safety of the facilities and the resources that are available. Read more on

Betsy DeVos feels that to make changes, there needs to be a new way of thinking regarding how we invest in students. With the technological resources that are available, it is absurd to confine students to buildings when they can learn very well from electronic devices wherever the student is located. DeVos makes a very good argument in saying that a direct investment into students is the way to go because students don’t learn anything from just a new building.

So the conversation gravitates to new systems that can work instead of failed, old methods that have proven to be ineffective. Even as Betsy DeVos has been an advocate and champion for school choice and school vouchers, other methods of learning can also be utilized. DeVos claims that we are still living in the dark ages when it comes to using all of the resources at our disposal.

By empowering parents and students with more choices than just a physical address which forces them to attend school at a particular building; we can set up new and exciting systems where students can receive their education through networks and methods of which they are already familiar.

No matter where students live, nearly all of them know how to work a smartphone, and such devices could be made available to students for learning experiences. This is where millions of students could receive their education by partnering with parents and students and providing new systems.

We live in an age of innovation, as demonstrated by Uber and Apple. We have new technologies that were not even dreamed of as recently as five years ago, and we are not fully utilizing them as we are capable.

DeVos has received heavy, and perhaps unjust criticism simply because she has represented an opposing political party from her critics, but if these critics are truly interested in educating children, they might do well to listen and help our educational system as opposed to constantly echoing rhetoric that is non-productive. There are ideas and methods that are at this point untried that hold great promise and deserve to be considered.