CP+B have experienced a period of extraordinary growth thanks to Lori Senecal’s leadership. However, the young CEO has just announced that she will resign as CEO of the legendary ad agency, as well as the MDC Partners Network, which she also heads up. Lori Senecal, who managed to wrestle away American Airlines from another agency, was responsible for turning the agency’s fortunes around. She will formally step down from her position at the end of 2017, and the CP+B leadership is working hard to restructure the company’s leadership in order to cope with the loss that her leaving will represent to the firm.

Senecal started her career at McCann-Erickson, which she joined right after graduating from McGill University with a business degree. At McCann-Erickson, she conceived of a new young-adult division in the company, an innovation which put her on the map. She eventually rose to become CIO, later becoming CEO of competitor KSB. At KSB, she cemented her reputation as a CEO, growing the company fourfold in terms of staff and opening offices around the world. Senecal understands that advertising and marketing have become global industries, and that a broader, international approach is part of the innovative approach necessary to be successful in this hyper-competitive marketplace.

Throughout her career, Senecal has been the recipient of a host of awards recognizing her impact on the industry. She has won a Game Changer Award as well as a Quantum Leap Award. Senecal knows that the road to success is not an easy one, which is why she believes in the mentoring process. She also founded the Isaac+ Award to foster innovation and invention among college students, and she remains active with the organization. Whatever Senecal decides to do in the future, she has already earned her place among the world’s top advertising executives and innovators. More details can be found on LinkedIn.