It’s been said in Brazil that businessman Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has been rewriting how automobiles are built in that nation. Boris Feldman has been a journalist since 1966 and appears on the radio show “Car Talk” as its host. He spoke about this businessman, the founder of CAOA, and said he operates the biggest distribution and manufacturing automobile operation in all of Latin America.

Boris Feldman also appears on the tv show “Vrum” that he created and has edited several auto magazines for the past two decades. He interviewed Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is 2012 that he named “Dr. Caoa’s Dream”. The reason why he referred to this businessman as a doctor is that he has a medical degree he earned before entering the automobile industry.

He recently wrote an article about this interview and included excerpts from it. He wrote that Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade first started out in the car business importing and selling cars. He then set up his own company’s automobile factory in the city of Anapolis. He got a license to build Hyundai vehicles including the HR and HD 78 trucks. His factory can also build an older version of the Tuscon brand at the time was getting ready to start building the iX35 series. This businessman’s goal is to make a car completely built in Brazil.

During this interview, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade said that he had an Italian design agency hard at work on building a modern Tuscon body. He was also working with Fiat to provide his company with a national engine that he would put in the Tuscon body. His goal was to do like Korea did to Japan which was to start manufacturing that other country’s vehicles, copy them, and use that experience to start developing their own brand of cars.

In the follow-up to this interview, Boris Feldman says that Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade exceeded what the Koreans accomplished. CAOA now handles Chevy’s Brazilian operations and now has China as business partners. He also continues to build cars in Anapolis and has another factory in Jacarei.

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Paul Herdsman is a very talented businessman who, over the years, has solidified his place among the top businessmen in the world. Throughout his career, he became a seasoned vet who specializes in every aspect of business from customer relations to business development. Herdsman is well known for his role as the co-founder and COO of NICE Global.


Nice Global

NICE Global, based out of Jamaica, is company that focuses on solving customer service issues for companies that want to outsource certain processes. NICE Global provides their services for companies that are already established, this in turn provides NICE Global to improve customer relations and lower overhead costs, which promotes profit gains for these companies. Paul and the leadership team of NICE, have developed a culture of family among employees, which is one of the main reasons why the company is so successful. Since the doors opened, this company definitely hit the ground running. They were able to consolidate a few other outsourcing companies, which provided them with a strong client base from the beginning.


About Paul

Prior to becoming the COO and co-founder of NICE Global, Paul Herdsman was working many different managerial roles for various companies, which gave him the experienced he needed for finding solutions, which ultimately led him to launch his career as an entrepreneur with his focus on problem solving. It was in these different positions that Paul found his passion to improve customer relations. He is an advocate of the power of having a positive reputation among the customer culture. See This Page to learn more.


In Conclusion

All in all, Paul Herdsman is without a doubt one of the top businessmen in our world today. The arsenal of specialized skills he has accumulated, over the years, keeps one step ahead of the competition.


In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman gives effective business lessons which he likes to share to aspiring and established business owners alike can use to be successful like himself.






National Steel Car is a producer of railroad freight cars. This is the biggest company in the world that deals with the manufacturing of these products. The company has been under the leadership of CEO Gregory Aziz since 1994. He bought this company from Dofasco, a steel company. In the period that he has been in the industry, he has created an enabling environment for National Steel Car to engage in high-level production operations. Five years after taking over the management of the National Steel Car, production has risen from 3,500 cars to 12,000cars annually.


1Gregory Aziz has a long history of helping businesses that are struggling to rise. In the 1970s after finishing his degree, he worked with a company known as Affiliated Foods. This company was a family-owned business (owned by his family). When he joined this business, it was just a wholesale business that was supplying food products in a small region in. After a decade of working with this company, Gregory Aziz had transformed it into the biggest importer and supplier of food products in North America. Most of the imports were coming from South America and Europe. Affiliated Foods became the largest supplier of fresh food products in Canada and parts of the United States.


Gregory James Aziz holds a degree in economics from the University of Western Ontario. With the knowledge he had acquired from school, he was ready to battle for opportunities in the market. He combined the skills he had learned in school with the natural abilities he had in running a business to create a combination that has made him the prominent business leader that he is.


Gregory Aziz has proved that it is possible to transform business as long as you can see the bigger picture. When he bought the National Steel Car, very few people thought that it was a good decision. National Steel Car looked destined for collapse after being in operation for nearly a century. However, for Greg Aziz, he could see something totally different. He was looking at the bigger picture and realizing that there was a huge potential that could be exploited in the rail sector.


Gregory James Aziz is a talented business person who can spot investment opportunities. He has managed to transform National Steel Car in a way that his investment has multiplied many times. National Steel Car is today an ISO certified company for producing high-quality products..


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Sussex Healthcare proudly features several healthcare facilities offering specialized care for the elderly and disabled along the southern coast of the United Kingdom. Since getting their start in 1985, Sussex Healthcare has offered well-trained staff and support in their facilities. Currently under the leadership of new CEO Amanda Morgan-Taylor and co-chairmen Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina, the company is proud to offer competitive salaries, opportunities to advance in one’s career, and wide-reaching benefit packages, as well as continued education for each employee to ensure the maintenance of the high Sussex standards.

Sussex Healthcare offers a range of care from basic inpatient care for the elderly, respite care, palliative care, care for those suffering with dementia, care for neurological and brain injury issues, and care for those with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD). There are currently seven full residential facilities in operation for the elderly and 13 facilities open to adults with special needs, in addition to dental services, a facility that specializes in the care of those with autism, and an audiology center. Amanda Morgan-Taylor was brought on board as the new Chief Executive Officer of Sussex Healthcare in early 2018. She brings a high level of experience in the management of healthcare facilities to the table and is well versed in dealing with external authorities and stakeholders.

When detailing the cornerstones of continued success, Amanda Morgan-Taylor cites an integrated approach to compliance and exceptional service. These values are seamlessly integrated with Sussex Healthcare’s long-standing mission to ensure that meeting the needs of patients in their numerous facilities is carefully balanced in conjunction with careful adherence to compliance standards of the healthcare industry. Professional staff in each location fastidiously address the individual needs of each client in an effort to optimal wellness and a life that is lived to the fullest degree possible for that specific individual.


As a problem solver, you can make greater connections and find more satisfaction in your own life. There are many ways to approach this challenge with data, or even the knowledge that one can acquire by trial and error. The best approach to becoming a problem solver is to use a combination of all of these things, making it easy for people to choose you. Paul Herdsman knows all too well what this means in terms of getting clients to come on board and stick around. With more than 10 years of experience, Paul Herdsman is helping businesses both large and small to retain customers, as well as to solve problems with their sales skills and marketing tactics.


It was in 2014 that Paul Herdsman opened the doors of NICE Global in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Jamaica is his home country, but he currently resides in the state of Florida. NICE Global provides full-service business solutions including customer care, low-risk business ideas, tips on succeeding in business and increasing revenue in business. Moreover, the company prides itself on its ability to help a business grow.


Paul Herdsman had no idea what journey he was about to embark on when he started NICE Global, until he figured out that numerous businesses had one common problem. It was always challenging for these businesses to find the right customers and to keep them. Trying to manage the business in a few different countries was getting harder to do.


Paul’s ultimate vision was to start one company in one place, where everything could be outsourced to help any client they took on. Paul wanted to do so without putting undue strain on the internal resources they did have. Paul decided that it was going to be one company that ran under different umbrellas, making it easier for them to aid businesses they were working with in solving problems. With the challenges that running a company out of the country brings, he reminds himself to have fun, and help business owners in the process. Refer to This Article for additional information.


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A lot of things can be done in 24 months but thanks to Vinod Gupta and his generous donation of $1 million to Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic as part of his Advocacy to Women’s Education. The school allows women to earn postgraduate degrees in as little as 24 months. Investing money where his heart is really hit home, this polytechnic institute is located in his native town of Rampur Maniharan where it was the first of its kind. Equality in women’s perspective has not been equal to that of men in India’s past, mainly due to simple lack of opportunity.


This is where local activist (by birth) Vinod Gupta noticed a huge opportunity by donating to the above referenced but additionally devoting funds to set up a girl’s school within his hometown village providing everything from transportation to textbooks in order to ensure success for local young girls.Thanks to Gupta’s generous contributions it has helped bridge the long overdue gap in gender inequality that exists in Indian Society.

Background and Today- Born on 1946 in India, Gupta is a self-made businessman and entrepreneur that turned a $100 loan into a successful and booming company that later sold for $680 million.


Currently he serves Vinod serves as the CEO at his investment firm Everest Group, providing venture capital for database technology startups and acquires struggling businesses. Gupta takes pride by providing employment opportunities for underserved populations, as far as being complimented by former president Bill Clinton for his exceeding efforts in his companies all-inclusive hiring practices. Find Related Information Here.


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In Hamilton, Ontario there exists the largest and the most prominent manufacturing and engineering company that produces railroad cars in the world, National Steel Car. Led by its CEO, Mr. Greg James Aziz, National Steel Car has been on the record producing the highest quality railroad freight locomotives with the most advanced technology in the world. National Steel Car has adopted the latest technology to ensure that consumers of their products get top-shelf quality cars that have been manufactured with a lot of skills and innovation in them. The company, National Steel Car, having started its operations several decades ago, has earned huge reputation both in the car manufacturing industry and also in the consumer market.


1Born in 1949, Gregory James Aziz started school in London, Ontario before joining Ridley College for his college education. Later, Greg Aziz enrolled a bachelor’s degree in economics at the West Ontario University. Here, Gregory James Aziz gained immense skills and expertise that in conducting of business and also in business management. He was one of the best performing members of his class, an aspect that has contributed to his successful career in the current industry of engineering and manufacturing. He also proved to be very innovative in college, something that has translated to the manufacturing industry that he leads through sheer innovation.


After finishing school and acquiring his undergraduate degree in economics, James Aziz joined his family’s business which dealt with the sale of food farm products. Greg Aziz implemented his business skills in that business, and within the decade that followed, the business had grown to become the largest fresh food importer in North America. It imported the foods from the regions of South America, Europe, and the Central America; which they distributed to some parts of Canada and the whole of the United States.


Later, Greg J Aziz joined the job market to try his luck in the line of his career. He was lucky to find employment in several investment banks in America where he worked tenaciously to ensure that he achieved his objectives and those of his employers. After working in this sector for a while, Greg felt that he missed something in the accomplishment of his dreams. He consolidated some funds that he used to purchase National Steel Car in 1994, from Dofasco, who were the owners at that time. Since the time of purchase, the company has grown in terms of its production to the extent of becoming the world leading railroad car manufacturer globally.


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