A lot of things can be done in 24 months but thanks to Vinod Gupta and his generous donation of $1 million to Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic as part of his Advocacy to Women’s Education. The school allows women to earn postgraduate degrees in as little as 24 months. Investing money where his heart is really hit home, this polytechnic institute is located in his native town of Rampur Maniharan where it was the first of its kind. Equality in women’s perspective has not been equal to that of men in India’s past, mainly due to simple lack of opportunity.


This is where local activist (by birth) Vinod Gupta noticed a huge opportunity by donating to the above referenced but additionally devoting funds to set up a girl’s school within his hometown village providing everything from transportation to textbooks in order to ensure success for local young girls.Thanks to Gupta’s generous contributions it has helped bridge the long overdue gap in gender inequality that exists in Indian Society.

Background and Today- Born on 1946 in India, Gupta is a self-made businessman and entrepreneur that turned a $100 loan into a successful and booming company that later sold for $680 million.


Currently he serves Vinod serves as the CEO at his investment firm Everest Group, providing venture capital for database technology startups and acquires struggling businesses. Gupta takes pride by providing employment opportunities for underserved populations, as far as being complimented by former president Bill Clinton for his exceeding efforts in his companies all-inclusive hiring practices. Find Related Information Here.


Watch Vinod’s videos on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e-UzAJFxHU


In Hamilton, Ontario there exists the largest and the most prominent manufacturing and engineering company that produces railroad cars in the world, National Steel Car. Led by its CEO, Mr. Greg James Aziz, National Steel Car has been on the record producing the highest quality railroad freight locomotives with the most advanced technology in the world. National Steel Car has adopted the latest technology to ensure that consumers of their products get top-shelf quality cars that have been manufactured with a lot of skills and innovation in them. The company, National Steel Car, having started its operations several decades ago, has earned huge reputation both in the car manufacturing industry and also in the consumer market.


1Born in 1949, Gregory James Aziz started school in London, Ontario before joining Ridley College for his college education. Later, Greg Aziz enrolled a bachelor’s degree in economics at the West Ontario University. Here, Gregory James Aziz gained immense skills and expertise that in conducting of business and also in business management. He was one of the best performing members of his class, an aspect that has contributed to his successful career in the current industry of engineering and manufacturing. He also proved to be very innovative in college, something that has translated to the manufacturing industry that he leads through sheer innovation.


After finishing school and acquiring his undergraduate degree in economics, James Aziz joined his family’s business which dealt with the sale of food farm products. Greg Aziz implemented his business skills in that business, and within the decade that followed, the business had grown to become the largest fresh food importer in North America. It imported the foods from the regions of South America, Europe, and the Central America; which they distributed to some parts of Canada and the whole of the United States.


Later, Greg J Aziz joined the job market to try his luck in the line of his career. He was lucky to find employment in several investment banks in America where he worked tenaciously to ensure that he achieved his objectives and those of his employers. After working in this sector for a while, Greg felt that he missed something in the accomplishment of his dreams. He consolidated some funds that he used to purchase National Steel Car in 1994, from Dofasco, who were the owners at that time. Since the time of purchase, the company has grown in terms of its production to the extent of becoming the world leading railroad car manufacturer globally.


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Robert Deignan was born in Fort Lauderdale,Florida. He graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas High School in 1992. He was passionate sports and received a full football scholarship to attend Purdue University. He also focused on his eduction and obtained a BS in Organizational Leadership. He went on to briefly play for the Miami Dolphins and the NY Jets in 1997, before pursuing a career as an entrepreneur.


In July of 1998, he co-founded Fanlink, Inc. The company was a technology firm that helped people build an online presence. On March 2001, he left the company and went on to become the Executive Vice President of iS3, Inc. iS3 is a software company that specializes in computer optimization, digital security, and technical support. He worked there from June 2002 to June 2011 in Boynton Beach,FL. While there, he found that malware products were preventing him from installing his software. He began helping his customers through remote service, eventually charging a fee. He and his business partner found this to be a great opportunity.


In August 2011, they founded ATS Digital Services, with Robert as the CEO. ATS is a digital support company that helps people around the world solve their technological problems. They help clients remotely with connectivity issues, general troubleshooting, digital data, home network, mobile devices, and installation. They have experts in cellular repairs, setup, and activation. They provide cutting-edge software to keep the client’s system up-to-date. He surrounded himself with some of the best in the field. ATS became the first company certified by Appsteem. They have been praised as one of the best support services available, due to the expertise and convenience they offer.


Robert’s company is competitive in the online market, but he still retains his competitive spirit in the world of sports. He enjoys fishing tournaments, and he won 1st place in the 79th Silver Sailfish Derby.



Not everyone knows how to invest like a hedge fund giant. In fact, hedge fund investing and regular investing are different in several ways. Typical investors constantly read news articles about investing, and they listen to successful investors who take risks on new startups and hit investment gold. Shervin Pishevar is one of those investors. Mr. Pishevar is the co-founder of Investment company, but he is also one of the first investors in Uber and Hyperloop One. So when Shervin Pishevar has something to say about investing, he usually attracts a large audience. Shervin recent tweet storm proved he still has what it takes to rattle the halls of the investment world. His 21-hour, 50 tweet escapade raised a lot of investor’s eyebrows. Investors know there’s always the risk the bottom could fall out of the stock market in the blink of an eye, and Shervin Pishevar confirmed that fact in one of his tweets. Shervin said the stock market is headed for a 6,000-point adjustment.

The stock market tweet was just an appetizer for the people who followed Pishevar. Shervin tore the economic future apart one tweet at a time. Shervin believes the bond market is not going to be a safe haven for investors when the market does crash. And he said Bitcoins are going to crash before the cryptocurrency rebounds. And Shervin Pishevar’s tweet about Silicon Valley losing its position as the startup capital of the world really got people’s attention.

Shervin Pishevar thinks Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple are big enough to operate like countries. Pishevar thinks those giants are making life difficult for new startups so that tweet is creating quite a buzz in the investment world as well. Shervin Pishevar didn’t hold back when he used Trump’s favorite way to communicate. No one is sure why he decided to let his frustrations out at this point in time, but some investors are happy he did. In spite of the gloom and doom in the Pishevar tweets, there are some bright spots, according to people who follow Shervin’s every move. He’s back in the fortune-telling game again, and he’s telling people how to play the game in true Pishevar fashion.