Sightsavers is a sight-restoring organization that works hard to prevent blindness in developing communities all over the world. The organization has been around since 1950 and they have helped millions of people to maintain their sight with their outstanding services. The primary goal of Sightsavers is to help third-world or developing nations to avoid issues with blindness.


Billions of people across the globe do not have adequate health care. They are destitute and live in extreme poverty by western standards. As a result, people not receive adequate health care. This is especially true when they need it the most. Throughout the years, Sightsavers realized that many people who live in impoverished conditions can avoid a lot of health problems by simply taking preventative measures.


They estimated that nearly 80% of all people suffering from blindness, could have easily avoided this problem. Third world people simply do not have the resources nor the knowledge to stop blindness. This is where Sightsavers comes in to help. People at Sightsavers are trained to help combat problems related to blindness.

Volunteer workers are local people who have ties or first-hand knowledge about people living in remote parts of the world. They are also connected to people living in villages, small communities, and isolated regions. These individuals are trained to help spot problems with blindness. During their visits to villages and other communities, they try to determine if people there are at risk for losing their ability to see.


If they discover that someone is about to lose their site, they will take them away to receive advance healthcare. In some cases, they will even provide surgery for people who need it the most. The organization also makes it a point to help people to recover their eyesight if it is lost. Even if a blind person cannot regain their site, Sightsavers will help them to have the resources they need to live as comfortably as possible.


The main thing that Sightsavers does is to prevent blindness by educating people and by frequently providing routine checkups. The work that Sightsavers does goes a long way with ensuring that people in developing lands can maintain their sight for many years to come.