Fabletics has suddenly taken over the women’s athletic wear because this fashion company offers both cheaper outfits and a unique shopping experience. You may have heard about this company if you follow actress Kate Hudson closely on Twitter, and Forbes has mentioned this side business of hers several times. What’s made this company special is that as most traditional fashion retailers start closing down to give way to online giants like Amazon, Fabletics may have the way to take on Amazon. What they’ve done is promote online purchases or viewing, but since most customers like to try on outfits before buying, Fabletics has now opened physical stores for that purpose. But this is also known as a reverse showroom since customers view online before buying in-person instead of viewing in the store before buying online.


Kate Hudson has loved what Fabletics has stood for as a brand that’s not just about giving women the latest styles in athletic wear, but about empowering them whenever they are out wearing the outfits. Fabletics is an offshoot of its parent company Techstyle Fashion Group which is headed by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Goldenberg and Ressler had already started an affordable regular line of clothing at JustFab and they wanted a brand of women’s athletic wear that was cheaper than most and was all-inclusive, but they wanted a woman to run it that could sell it well. Hudson was asked because Goldenberg and Ressler liked her personality and her enthusiasm for yoga outfits.


As those who know Kate Hudson could tell you, she only uses and sells products that she actually uses herself. She works closely with the Fabletics design team and the shipping department, and she’s always quick to post updates on social media. She’s still committed to acting first, but she’s gotten other friends around Hollywood excited about Fabletics including pop singer Demi Lovato who has also joined the team. What Fabletics emphasizes is a subscription model where members can either join the regular membership or VIP membership which awards credit for various purchases as well as for referring your friends. They also include big data to know the customer’s needs and adjust the experience accordingly. It doesn’t take long to signup for Fabletics, and they get to know you when you answer the questions on their fashion quiz. Fabletics is rising at a time when most other retailers are scaling back and may be the right company to look at in order to continue brick and mortar shopping.

One of the things about being at the top of your industry is that everyone is gunning for you. The problem that Amazon has is that since they command a staggering 20 percent of the e-commerce apparel market, they are not too frightened or concerned when a new fashion apparel company comes along. Amazon may want to reconsider that position when it comes to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, because in just three short years Hudson’s company has sold over $250 million in active-wear sales.


Hudson credits the success of her athleisure brand to her membership platform and reverse showrooming. To see the sales process in action, and to see the huge contrast in the way the process works compared to Amazon, we begin with shopping at the Fabletics stores in the local mall. Here, women are encouraged to window-shop and try on anything they like without the high pressure of a sales associate trying to make commissions or sales. In this relaxed atmosphere, women sign-up for the free Fabletics membership and even take the Lifestyle Quiz while there.


Now here is where all the components come together. Women who were too busy to buy at the retail store are now home comfortably shopping the Fabletics website, and there they see all the items that they tried on while shopping at the store in the mall. The membership allows women to now enjoy discounted pricing and free shipping on those items. These women will shop around and see all the new arrivals and releases they would look great in based on the size they know fits them best. Most women feel so at ease they wind up buying more than they were even considering.


Part of the benefits from taking the Lifestyle Quiz is members get a personal shopper who will look over purchases and buying habits and add an item each month into the shopping cart where the customer can cancel, buy, or shop for alternative items. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has struck a chord with women who are tired of buying from sites like Amazon where they have to keep returning items that do not fit correctly. Hudson says her sales have been growing in part to the simplicity in ordering process and stellar customer support. Women looking for modern active-wear at low prices are lining up around the block to get to the stores at the mall and enjoy all these shopping benefits.