Richard “Dick” DeVos is one of the prominent business people in the family of DeVos. As a businessman, philanthropist and an entrepreneur, Mr. Richard DeVos have amassed experience as a leader and a founder of businesses. He has also collaborated with his wife Betsy DeVos on the establishment of the Dock and Betsy Family Foundation.


Up to date, Mr. Richard DeVos is a part of a number of businesses and institutions. He is on top of the company that he founded in 2002 called The Windquest Group serving as President. Mr. Richard DeVos is also a member of a handful of boards such as the AEI Board of Trustees, the Board of Directors of the Willow Creek Association, the Board of Directors of the Spectrum Health System, to name a few. In terms of business, Mr. Richard DeVos is on the board of directors serving as chairman at the RDV Corporation and is the president of his company Windquest group. Mr. Richard DeVos has been sought after for his skills as a leader.


  1. Richard DeVos started out on his journey in the world of business at the Amway Corporation. After having worked at the company for a few years, Mr. Richard DeVos had to assume the position of President in 1993. After the company had been sold in 2002, Mr. Richard DeVos decided to move on from the post. Mr. Richard DeVos directed his focus towards the Windquest Group. During the time Mr. Richard DeVos spent working at the Amway Corporation, the company achieved a new milestone for revenue. The sales jumped up to four and a half billion dollars. Previously, Mr. Richard DeVos was Vice President of Amway International. That branch was working outside of the US. While he was Vice president, Amway International tripled the international sales of the company.


Some years ago, Mr. Richard DeVos also created the Education Freedom Fund. So far, the fund has granted more than 4 000 underprivileged children with scholarships which have enabled them to continue their education and achieve more. The students were from the Aviation Academy of West Michigan. Over the years, Mr. Richard DeVos has been a leader in many projects to improve the health care in the region of Grand Rapids, Michigan as well as revitalize downtown areas. The projects include the renovation of a heart hospital, a convention center, a medical school, to name a few.


Other than business and philanthropy work, Mr. Richard DeVos has also been occupied with a number of hobbies. In 1997, Mr. Richard DeVos debuted his first book under the title of “Rediscovering American Values” which has since been translated into seven languages. Mr. Richard DeVos is also a sailor who has won the national championship twice.