George Soros is known as a Billionaire investor who has funded democratic politics. Soros was born in Hungary to non-practicing Jews Tividar and Erzebat Schwartz. When he was young George experienced incredible suffering around him, but he could not do anything about it since he was a young boy. He had quite a life experience which he refers to as a happy-making exhilarating experience before his family moved from Hungary to England. While in London Soros attended LSE (London School of Economics) where he grew to maturity, and after graduating, he became part of London Brokerage firm. The experience from the firm made him proficient in international arbitrage. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

George is known in history as one of the most powerful individuals in politics. Since the mid-1980s Soros used the influence he had to help in reconfiguring the landscapes in politics for various nations across the globe. George was not only focused on making his country home a better political region but also other nations across the world. It is evident that he was hardworking, ready and willing to do good for other people. In some political instances, Soros played a major role toppling regimes that held administration reins for many years or even decades. In the history of America, it is evident even today that American culture and Politics are still affected by George, more profoundly than any other individual. Most of his influence on politics derives from his fortune of $13 billion. This amount of money is further leveraged by another $25 billion in assets of investment controlled by Soros firm as well as fund management.

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George was not only concerned about politics and supporting political parties in different nations across the world, but also society. He had the well-being of people at heart and from what he experienced when he was a young boy he always wanted to help people. He developed a heart to help other individuals in the society after seeing how specific people in the society suffered. He had a political godfather who was well off because he had money. George Soros knew that money is the main aspect which makes the world go round and chose to make money. He was lucky to make huge amounts of money and defined himself as a type of nut that would have a great impact, and he has had a positive impact on lives of many people. Read more on



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