Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is one of the most prolific Brazilian businessmen of all time. Throughout his career, he has shown an ability to take businesses to the next level of success and has a long track record of excellence. Through this journey, he has become a model businessman that other young entrepreneurs should model.

Melzer, nicknamed Duda, is from Porto Alegre, Brazil and was born in 1975. He holds a business administration degree from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul and also a Master’s of Business Administration degree from Harvard. After graduating from Harvard, Duda received a job at RBS Group in 2004. From this point, Melzer’s career took off. He was promoted to Director General, active Vice President of Marketing, and then as Executive Vice President of RBS Group. This was topped off in 2012 when Melzer became the CEO of the company.

The RBS group has seen significant success under Melzer. After taking over as CEO, the company was recognized as a company that generates the most value for their clients in Brazil. Along with this, the RBS group under Melzer’s management as one of the ten most innovative companies in Brazil.

Along with his stewardship of RBS Group, Melzer has taken part in many lucrative investments. He has done this through the company e. Bricks Digital which has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in education, health, and digital business for example. Check out Valor for more info.

Duda is married and has three children. He loves racing sports and spending time with his family. With a robust social and professional life, Eduardo Melzer is a great role model for young businessmen to follow.

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