Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney with expertise in advising corporate companies about executive compensation and employee benefits. He is also regarded as an expert in handling merger and acquisition deals and has been associated with the business transaction for many of the leading firms like Duke Energy, Merck, Verizon, Alltel Corporations, and more. Jeremy Goldstein had worked with several law firms in his career when he first started, including the well-known Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, and also Shearman & Sterling LLP. Currently, he serves as a partner and a senior lawyer at the firm he co-founded, Jeremy Goldstein and Associates LLC. Many of the well-known companies, including Fortune 500 are in this clientele list of Jeremy Goldstein’s firm.


From time to time, Jeremy Goldstein writes about his knowledge and experiences in the blogs online. Recently, he shared his views on why many of the employees do not want to choose stock options and why the companies should rather go for knockout options. Jeremy Goldstein said that stock options are a bit risky for the employees as the prices of the stocks can fluctuate wildly and people can tend to lose out a lot. The employees who are banking considerably on stock options would feel insecure as the market falls and rises.


However, Jeremy Goldstein says that it is not the case with the knockout option as the employees won’t have to exercise knock out options if the price falls beyond a stipulated price. It is obviously not the answer to all the problems regarding stock options, but it helps in reducing the issues surrounding it by a considerable margin. The auditors have to be careful while planning knock out options as they are the ones who would ensure that it is managed carefully and distributed evenly among the employees. It also motivates the employees to work with more determination as for when the company does well; their earnings also increase along with the stock prices.


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