Founding father of digital on demand, serial entrepreneur, prominent broadcaster and a leading businessman are all names that would perfectly fit in the description of Norman Pattiz. If you are a subscriber of PodcastOne, you surely know that this is the best source of spoken word audio from some of your favorite celebrities including Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Austin, Snooki and Adam Carolla. Norman Pattiz, commonly referred to as Norm, raised PodcastOne from a mere apartment to become the leading Podcast network in the country. Today they boast of over 200 shows. They are also able to generate over 400 million ad impressions, earning them more advertising clients. They recently launched Beyond Darkness, a series from Chris Jericho Network, which is within their family tree. These series is especially for those who drawn to eerie and scary staff. It is hopes that through the podcast, they will reach more people.


According to Norm, in an interview with Ideamensch, he stated that podcast business is bound to be very successful in the future. This is because it is the most democratic form of broadcasting. People look for what they want to hear. Before PodcastOne, Norm was deep into the radio business. He founded Westwood One. From a strat up, he grew this radio broadcasting network to be the leading audio network in US. More than three decades of leading the company saw him get contracts to manage huge networks such as CNN, Super Bowl, March Madness, and NFL football among others. The syndicated radio company that once operated in a small office has become the industry mogul.


His broadcasting skills gained recognition when President Bill Clinton appointed him, in the year 2000, and reappointed him in the year 2002, to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors. He was entrusted with the Middle East area where, as the chairman of the area’s BBG, he oversaw all the non-military broadcasts. He successfully introduced Arabic TV and radio broadcast, reaching all the 22 Middle East countries.


Every day to him is different as he has to handle the various matters of his podcast. Other than being a prominent broadcasting entrepreneur, he is a regent at the University of California.

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  1. Amid his meeting with Ideamensch he said that the motivation behind why he is so effective is on account of he doesn’t feel burnt out on working. PodcastOne has truly been a win, considering that it just began in the year 2012. It is very good that this site has come up to help them and it might be the only way every of these things are working brightly too.

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