Todd Lubar is one among the list of successful Techpreneurs. He is a holder of speech communication degree from Syracuse University. The start of his career was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan facilitator. He got his traditional mortgage knowledge from this position. He later worked as a credit control manager at Legacy Financial Group in Texas. He made a significant role in growing Maryland office to being a production unit with an annual return of a hundred million dollars. He was later offered a position in First Magnus Financial Corporation as the vice president.

He had a passion in banking that made him start his own company Legendary Financial Company. The primary goal of this company was to provide loans to investors and individuals who were not given loans from competitive companies. The legendary financial Company has a subsidiary Legendary Property company that is involved in real estate. Todd Lubar is also in other business like he owns a company that deals with automotive scrap business. This company recycles metal and makes auto care products. He is the current president of TDL Global Ventures.

Todd Lubar ( introduces smart homes technology. It entails the control of homes by using a remote. An individual can incorporate the house using the internet of things, and installation is in one database that is controlled using a remote. As an expert in real estate, he assists people to get their dream houses and homes. Todd attributes his success to five core traits including persistence, dedication, inquisitiveness, transparency and accountability and self-assurance.

Todd Lubar in an interview on said that being organised and flexible makes one soar heights, especially in business. He employs a culture of honesty and trust in business whereby one should have a voice in any concern raised in the firm mostly in partnership. Todd is a futurist in that studies the market progress and can make future predictions. He is also a strategist who can make plans for his ventures that leads to a steady growth curve.

Todd Lubar holds other business positions. He is the senior director of Debt Defense services due to his knowledge in the credit and mortgage banking. He is, therefore, an inspiration to many future business people. Read more about on

Nathaniel Ru is proving that he has the skills to change what people think of fast food. He has been good at shaking things up for people that are truly trying to eat healthy. He has created a restaurant that would give people the chance to try something new and exciting.

This was where we decided to introduce what was known as the warm bowl. This has become a staple in Sweetgreen restaurants regardless of where customers are eating. It shows that Nathaniel Ru wanted to do something that would provide a new way for people to look at eating fast food. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

He identifies as a person that created a fast food restaurant, but many of his fans are calling this the fast-food alternative.

Sweetgreen has become known throughout many different social circles because it gives people the chance to partake in healthy fruits and vegetables. This has become a company that has been known for changing the way that America looks at healthy eating.

It is evident that these are delectable dishes that are much more appealing than what people are preparing in their homes when it comes to healthy meals. There are some interesting names for the salads that are part of this restaurant chain. There are also some seasonal menus that add to the flavor of the Sweetgreen brand.

Many people are definitely getting excited about this company because it provides them with the chance to order their food through an app. They also get the chance to experience the cashless restaurant if they live in certain areas. This is not something that is happening at all of the Sweetgreen restaurants, but this is something that Nathaniel is doing in order to increase safety.

When there is no need to use cash there will be a great chance that these restaurants will not be robbed because there is no cash flow throughout the restaurant. The fact that the workers do not have to touch money and deal with these types of transactions also decreases the level of germs that are floating through this restaurant environment.

This was a very Innovative step for Nathaniel Ru to implement, but this is part of who he is. He is an innovator that looks to change the course of fast food regularity. Nathaniel Ru is unapologetic in his desire to rip the roof of the complacency of fast food establishments.

Richard “Dick” DeVos is one of the prominent business people in the family of DeVos. As a businessman, philanthropist and an entrepreneur, Mr. Richard DeVos have amassed experience as a leader and a founder of businesses. He has also collaborated with his wife Betsy DeVos on the establishment of the Dock and Betsy Family Foundation.


Up to date, Mr. Richard DeVos is a part of a number of businesses and institutions. He is on top of the company that he founded in 2002 called The Windquest Group serving as President. Mr. Richard DeVos is also a member of a handful of boards such as the AEI Board of Trustees, the Board of Directors of the Willow Creek Association, the Board of Directors of the Spectrum Health System, to name a few. In terms of business, Mr. Richard DeVos is on the board of directors serving as chairman at the RDV Corporation and is the president of his company Windquest group. Mr. Richard DeVos has been sought after for his skills as a leader.


  1. Richard DeVos started out on his journey in the world of business at the Amway Corporation. After having worked at the company for a few years, Mr. Richard DeVos had to assume the position of President in 1993. After the company had been sold in 2002, Mr. Richard DeVos decided to move on from the post. Mr. Richard DeVos directed his focus towards the Windquest Group. During the time Mr. Richard DeVos spent working at the Amway Corporation, the company achieved a new milestone for revenue. The sales jumped up to four and a half billion dollars. Previously, Mr. Richard DeVos was Vice President of Amway International. That branch was working outside of the US. While he was Vice president, Amway International tripled the international sales of the company.


Some years ago, Mr. Richard DeVos also created the Education Freedom Fund. So far, the fund has granted more than 4 000 underprivileged children with scholarships which have enabled them to continue their education and achieve more. The students were from the Aviation Academy of West Michigan. Over the years, Mr. Richard DeVos has been a leader in many projects to improve the health care in the region of Grand Rapids, Michigan as well as revitalize downtown areas. The projects include the renovation of a heart hospital, a convention center, a medical school, to name a few.


Other than business and philanthropy work, Mr. Richard DeVos has also been occupied with a number of hobbies. In 1997, Mr. Richard DeVos debuted his first book under the title of “Rediscovering American Values” which has since been translated into seven languages. Mr. Richard DeVos is also a sailor who has won the national championship twice.

Karl Heideck Explains The Discriminatory Lending Policies Of Wells Fargo Is A Red-lining
Karl Heideck Explains The Discriminatory Lending Policies Of Wells Fargo Is A Red-lining

Karl Heideck, a prominent litigation expert from Greater Philadelphia area, thinks that the discriminatory lending policies that the City of Philadelphia alleges Wells Fargo executed comes under red-lining. He explained red-lining is a practice many banks started following from the 1930s to delimit the neighborhoods they do not want to lend – like drawing a red-line to the areas to exclude people living there from loan services. However, if it is done considering the race or ethnicity of the borrower, it is against the Constitution. Interestingly, redline is not illegal when it is due to other reasons like the neighborhoods did not meet the specific standards such as frequent flood issue and more.

The City filed a lawsuit against the banking major stating it violated the 1968 Fair Housing Act by applying predatory lending procedures towards minority mortgage borrowers. However, Wells Fargo denied the allegations and said that it was following fair practices in its lending. The suit was filed in the District Court for the Eastern District on May 5, and it is considered to be another setback for the bank as it is already under the scanner for a scam of opening bogus accounts in customers’ names. Karl Heideck explains that the city filed the suit due to it identified the bank was selling riskier housing loans to the Hispanic and black borrowers. These loans were charging higher interest rates, though the borrowers were eligible for low-interest and lower-risk loans.

Karl Heideck is an attorney with greater expertise in compliance and risk management review along with litigation. He started his career with Conrad O’Brien as an Associate and presented the cases of both corporates and individuals in various complex litigation such as SEC receivership, government investigations, toxic tort defense, and more. Later, Heideck worked with Pepper Hamilton as Project Attorney and took the role of quality control specialist with detailed analysis.

He also collaborated with Hire Counsel as a contract attorney that included the review of files detailing banking litigation and complex securities fraud. Karl Heideck completed his Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Language from Swarthmore College. He earned his J.D. from James E. Beasley School of Law.

George Soros is known as a Billionaire investor who has funded democratic politics. Soros was born in Hungary to non-practicing Jews Tividar and Erzebat Schwartz. When he was young George experienced incredible suffering around him, but he could not do anything about it since he was a young boy. He had quite a life experience which he refers to as a happy-making exhilarating experience before his family moved from Hungary to England. While in London Soros attended LSE (London School of Economics) where he grew to maturity, and after graduating, he became part of London Brokerage firm. The experience from the firm made him proficient in international arbitrage. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

George is known in history as one of the most powerful individuals in politics. Since the mid-1980s Soros used the influence he had to help in reconfiguring the landscapes in politics for various nations across the globe. George was not only focused on making his country home a better political region but also other nations across the world. It is evident that he was hardworking, ready and willing to do good for other people. In some political instances, Soros played a major role toppling regimes that held administration reins for many years or even decades. In the history of America, it is evident even today that American culture and Politics are still affected by George, more profoundly than any other individual. Most of his influence on politics derives from his fortune of $13 billion. This amount of money is further leveraged by another $25 billion in assets of investment controlled by Soros firm as well as fund management.

Learn more:

George was not only concerned about politics and supporting political parties in different nations across the world, but also society. He had the well-being of people at heart and from what he experienced when he was a young boy he always wanted to help people. He developed a heart to help other individuals in the society after seeing how specific people in the society suffered. He had a political godfather who was well off because he had money. George Soros knew that money is the main aspect which makes the world go round and chose to make money. He was lucky to make huge amounts of money and defined himself as a type of nut that would have a great impact, and he has had a positive impact on lives of many people. Read more on



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Johnnie Walker wanted to capture the culture of Rio de Janeiro in their upcoming whiskey advertisement. It was only natural that they would select the Rio native marketing executive Alexandre Gama.

Alexandre Gama, who is the CEO of Neogama, had created the award-winning film that combined CGI with real footage of Rio de Janeiro. The giant rock golem had emerged from the rocks from the beach to wander its way through the skyline of the city. This is what gave the title to the advertisement “Rock Giant”.

Looking back on Alexandre Gama’s early career, he started out as a lowly copywriter and worked his way up through several companies. After he was considered to be one of the best copywriters in the country, he decided to start his own marketing firm. Since his company merged with BBH, his company created some of the most well-known advertising and film pieces in the world. He is even a frequent winner at the Cannes Festival.


Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is one of the most prolific Brazilian businessmen of all time. Throughout his career, he has shown an ability to take businesses to the next level of success and has a long track record of excellence. Through this journey, he has become a model businessman that other young entrepreneurs should model.

Melzer, nicknamed Duda, is from Porto Alegre, Brazil and was born in 1975. He holds a business administration degree from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul and also a Master’s of Business Administration degree from Harvard. After graduating from Harvard, Duda received a job at RBS Group in 2004. From this point, Melzer’s career took off. He was promoted to Director General, active Vice President of Marketing, and then as Executive Vice President of RBS Group. This was topped off in 2012 when Melzer became the CEO of the company.

The RBS group has seen significant success under Melzer. After taking over as CEO, the company was recognized as a company that generates the most value for their clients in Brazil. Along with this, the RBS group under Melzer’s management as one of the ten most innovative companies in Brazil.

Along with his stewardship of RBS Group, Melzer has taken part in many lucrative investments. He has done this through the company e. Bricks Digital which has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in education, health, and digital business for example. Check out Valor for more info.

Duda is married and has three children. He loves racing sports and spending time with his family. With a robust social and professional life, Eduardo Melzer is a great role model for young businessmen to follow.

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Richard A. Smith: Experience

Mr. Richard A. Smith also called Rick holds the position of Chief Executive Officer and President of Securus Technologies, Inc. and has rightfully fulfilled this position since June 23, 2008. He operates as the Chief Financial Officer of Eschelon Telecom Inc. He claimed this role in October 1998 up until March 2000. He currently acts as a Director of Integra Telecom. Mr. Smith served as a Director of Telecom Inc. and was integrated into the position 2000.

Rick Smith is the CEO of SECURUS Technologies. He accepted the position in July. Many think he was the proper individual push, focus and to take the reins of the business due to his expertise. This enabled him to more the business ahead and assist to make them the leader in the corrections business in regards to solutions and quality goods. Smith has special skill-set an outstanding history and a remarkable track record. He’s worked in enterprise development, operations, it, finance, telecommunications and much more. His leadership abilities have always set him aside. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on


SECURUS Technologies is a company that’s its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. They offer an extensive variety of assistances for more a significant portion of inmates and 2,600 corrections, law and municipal safety organizations in North American. Beneath the control of Rick Smith, Securus Technologies has proved its guarantee to supplying the corrections community with services and technology for biometric analysis, emergency response, communications, monitoring, incident management, community communication, and research. Rick Smith comes equipped with a commendable educational background. Smith attended the University of Rochester where he achieved a Master’s Degree.


In June 2008 Technologies employed Smith as CEO and president. He became business chairman 2009, in January. Their greatest competitor continues to be Global Link while the business was being led by Smith. Securus has a bigger set of solutions and goods. And it also has a home-based call-center manned by its own employees, which works than its competitors. Rick Smith Securus also offers trained field specialists and has developed the world’s biggest VOIP Improvements contacting system.

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Ron Smith then shifted to Eschelon Telecom Inc. 0 he was the companyâs chief financial officer. He was business leader and he was promoted to boss. Throughout that period he improved the companyâs income from $30 million to $350 thousand. In the summer of 2005, the organization was brought by Smith into a successful IPO.

One of the things about being at the top of your industry is that everyone is gunning for you. The problem that Amazon has is that since they command a staggering 20 percent of the e-commerce apparel market, they are not too frightened or concerned when a new fashion apparel company comes along. Amazon may want to reconsider that position when it comes to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, because in just three short years Hudson’s company has sold over $250 million in active-wear sales.


Hudson credits the success of her athleisure brand to her membership platform and reverse showrooming. To see the sales process in action, and to see the huge contrast in the way the process works compared to Amazon, we begin with shopping at the Fabletics stores in the local mall. Here, women are encouraged to window-shop and try on anything they like without the high pressure of a sales associate trying to make commissions or sales. In this relaxed atmosphere, women sign-up for the free Fabletics membership and even take the Lifestyle Quiz while there.


Now here is where all the components come together. Women who were too busy to buy at the retail store are now home comfortably shopping the Fabletics website, and there they see all the items that they tried on while shopping at the store in the mall. The membership allows women to now enjoy discounted pricing and free shipping on those items. These women will shop around and see all the new arrivals and releases they would look great in based on the size they know fits them best. Most women feel so at ease they wind up buying more than they were even considering.


Part of the benefits from taking the Lifestyle Quiz is members get a personal shopper who will look over purchases and buying habits and add an item each month into the shopping cart where the customer can cancel, buy, or shop for alternative items. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has struck a chord with women who are tired of buying from sites like Amazon where they have to keep returning items that do not fit correctly. Hudson says her sales have been growing in part to the simplicity in ordering process and stellar customer support. Women looking for modern active-wear at low prices are lining up around the block to get to the stores at the mall and enjoy all these shopping benefits.

Journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are founders of the Phoenix New Times and the Village Voice Media. On October 18, 2007, they were arrested by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and jailed pursuant to grand jury subpoenas seeking their notes about the Sheriff. They subsequently sued the Sheriff’s department and then donated their $3.75 million settlement to the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, which distributed it to migrant rights groups in Arizona.

Although Lacey and Larkin restricted their donations to migrant organizations within Arizona, Americans throughout the country work in organizations that advocate for our most vulnerable populations. These organizations consist of volunteers donating their time, with some working for free, to uphold traditional American values. These include:

The American Civil Liberties Union, working to preserve individual rights bestowed by the Constitution.

The Anti-Defamation League, one of the nation’s largest civil rights organizations, working against anti-Semitism and racial bigotry since 1913.

Immigrant rights are advocated by a number of organizations, including:

Border Angels, an all-volunteer group supporting immigration reform and providing educational programs, centering their efforts on U.S.-Mexico border. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The National Immigration Forum, working to help immigrants attain citizenship and find employment.

The National Immigration Law Center, fighting for immigrant legal rights.

The Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights, protecting the legal rights of isolated immigrant children.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America, providing after school programs for children.

Campaign Zero, working for solutions to end violence under color of law by law enforcement.

Women’s advocacy groups, promoting reproductive rights, include the Center for Reproductive Rights,NARAL Pro-Choice America, Population Action International (PAI) and the Reproductive Health Access Project, which are non-profit political advocacy groups working to provide support for women seeking reproductive health care. Read more: Jim Larkin | Facebook

They are joined by Planned Parenthood, with health organizations providing safe, affordable reproductive health care and dispensing sexual health information to almost five million women, men, and teens and Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity (URGE), struggling for sexual and reproductive justice for young people in providing training and information for healthcare.

Physicians for Reproductive Health (PRH), work to allow medical doctors to be more active in supporting rights for universal reproductive health.

Medical Students for Choice (MSFC) works to convince medical schools to expand their reproductive-health services curriculums, including abortion, in an effort to add more abortion providers in the medical field.

Advocates for Youth is devoted to providing programs and policies that help young people make conscientious, informed decisions about their reproductive and sexual health.

Catholics for a Free Choice Offers provide support for those Catholics who believe that Catholic tradition supports a woman’s right to follow her individual conscience concerning sexuality and reproductive health. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Other organizations working for individual rights include:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the country’s largest pro-Muslim organization, helping to insure constitutional rights for Muslims.