Papa John’s, a pizza giant that houses 120,000 employees globally have been recently struck with a lot of criticism pouring from all over the world. The racial comments of former CEO have put the company in an awkward position. In difficult situations like these, everyone looks up to the leader to make things better. In case of Papa John, current CEO Steve Ritchie Papa John’s made a smart and an important move by apologizing to the customer base, which is the first smart step towards diffusing the situation.

He recently wrote a letter to the customers stating that he won’t be surprised if the people took an offense on the controversial comments made by the former CEO. He apologized and made it distinct that his visions and values are very different and focus on providing high-quality customer experience. In a news release, Steve Ritchie also mentioned that the company has zero tolerance for any form of racism irrespective of the context. He also emphasized that the firm is not an individual but purely depends on the hard-working employees who belong from all walks of life to provide best customer service and insanely tasty pizza. These people are dedicated to contributing to the community.

He also mentioned how actions would mean much more than words, hence he took the decision of getting an auditing team in the company to audit the workplace culture and company practices. The motive is to hold on to the strengths and identify the weaknesses which will facilitate better planning for progress.

The top management will be working hard to address issues and receive feedback from the people and franchises to set clear goals towards progress. All these processes will be carried out with a high level of transparency and Papa John is ready to take full accountability of the outcomes. Steve is confident that the company will be able to regain its trust with time. Every customer is important to them and they thanked them all for their years of loyalty to the brand. Lastly, Steve mentioned how Papa John is successful because of the people who put their trust in the pizza giant.