What comes to mind when you think of Organo Gold? Most of us would think of a friend offering a tea/coffee with health benefits, right? Now known as just Organo, the company has grown to offer several health products including tea, coffee, soap, toothpaste, meal replacements and supplements.

Organo is also a sister to several other companies and this continued expansion is all thanks to founder Bernardo Chua. A man with a vision in health benefits and a mission to promote products that contain a special herb.

There are several things that make Organo different. It starts with Bernardo’s core values of edification, loyalty, power, family, united, and lastly party. These values are why Organo is at the top of the market when you bring up direct sales.

PR Newswire stated that Bernardo Chua didn’t just make a health product, he made the perfect work environment for his distributors. If you are a distributor, you aren’t distributing to make a profit, but to introduce a family member/friend to a healthy alternative. This is a company anyone would want to be apart of.

Next would be the actual health benefits in the Organo products. Bernardo Chua believes and continues to use products infused with Ganoderma. A few benefits extracted from this mushroom includes help with low blood pressure, boosting the immune system and even cardiovascular benefits. These are a few reasons Organo grew to easily operate on a global platform.

There is a universal law that applies when you give, you will always get in return. This alone separates Organo and it’s products from competitors. The OG Cares Foundation is set to give back to the community as much as possible. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:  http://bitsylink.com/2016/08/23/bernardo-chua-making-a-vision-a-success/

So Organo also gives back on a global platform, ranging from countries such as Nigeria to Mexico. This foundation has several programs which include feeding children and planting trees in the environment. It’s safe to say that Bernardo Chua is planting seed for the future.